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freeze! your greens

limiting your trips to the grocery store? stocking up on greens? worried your stockpile of greens could go to waste?

many of our greens are good to freeze and use later! make sure to blanch hardier greens first, like our SUPERGREENS! or baby spinach. for our more delicate greens, like baby spring mix or PROTEIN GREENS, we recommend blending and freezing into ice cubes. learn how below!

how to freeze your greens

blanch hardy greens

bring a large pot of water to boil. add greens to the pot and let them boil for about 90 seconds. strain greens or remove from the pot using tongs and place in ice water for another 90 seconds. drain well and put in a freezer bag.

blend delicate greens

add greens to blender with a little water, milk,or dairy alternative. pour blended greens into an ice cube tray and freeze.

freeze up to twelve months

frozen greens are great for smoothies! once defrosted, the blanched greens are best enjoyed cooked.

why blanch?

blanching preserves flavor, color, and texture when your greens are chillin’ in the freezer. but don’t blanch too long, or you’ll cook your greens all the way!

infuse some new flavors into your life with real recipes featuring simple pantry stables and frozen greens.