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faq - frequently asked questions


I’m ready to shop, what do I do?

  1. Click here to get started!
  2. Build your own box or pick one of our three juice packages.
  3. Proceed to checkout and pick your delivery date.
  4. Wait for it to arrive!

Can I add products to my package?

Yes! Just put your selected package in the cart. Go back to the “build your own box” shopping section and add products as you wish. Most packages have room to fit several other products; however, if we need to use a second box, you’ll see an additional shipping charge in your cart.

Do you charge for shipping?

Yes, we offer a flat rate of $12 for each package.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

There is a $20 minimum order requirement when you build your own box.

What if I want to just buy one dressing?

We are in the initial stages of testing home delivery. We didn’t think it made sense for the packaging and freight to cost more than the single item/items inside. In addition, we want to be sensitive to the energy and packaging it takes to ship just one product. You can visit our store locator to see if a grocery store near you sells our products so you can purchase just one.

What kind of products can I order in my greens delivery?

All of our dressings are available for delivery. You can select one of our packages or simply build your own box.

When do you deliver packages?

When you proceed to checkout you can choose to have your package delivered on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Can I place the same order twice?

Yes! Just go into your account settings and click the order you would like to receive again and check “reorder”.

Do you have a subscription service?

It is coming soon! Please make sure to sign up for a notification for the launch of this service here.

Will you deliver everywhere?

We deliver anywhere in the USA.



Are all of your products organic?

Yes! All of our products are certified USDA organic.

How can I learn more about organicgirl products?

Visit us here to learn more about our product philosophy, premium quality, ingredient selection and more!

Learn more about our fresh dressings here.

Learn more about our good clean greens here.

Where can I get ideas about how to prepare with my greens and dressings?

We have many recipes that we think you’ll enjoy!  Check out our recipe library here.

How long do the dressings last after they’ve been opened?

We recommend consuming our dressings by the use by date whether it is has been opened or not.

My products were warm when they arrived, are they okay to eat?

If your products are not cold, we advise you to dispose of it. We will gladly replace the product or issue a refund, your choice.



How are your products shipped?

All products are shipped in cardboard box with an insulated liner and ice packs so they stay cold & fresh.

Are your packaging materials recyclable?

Cardboard: Yes! The cardboard box is 100% reusable and recyclable.

Silver Liner: Yes! Our “Cooliner” product is reusable and recyclable as this is made with polyethylene bubble (regular wrapping air bubble) and metalized polyester. The foil material is very similar to that used in potato chip bags (only thinner). It is #7 recyclable.

ThermoPod Liner: Yes! These insulated padding liners are made from select, purified, recycled biodegradable cotton enhanced fibers. And are recyclable too!

Ice Packs: Yes!

  1. Reuse: Simply place in your freezer and allow the gel packs to refreeze. This typically takes 48-72 hours to freeze thoroughly.
  2. Dispose: The gel packs (when thawed) can be cut open and the interior disposed of down the drain of your household sink. The exterior can be recycled.
  3. Donate: Some local organizations right in your neighborhood may be able to take these as donations.

You can also return your ice packs to organicgirl through our R3 program! Send us 10 ice packs and we will send you some organicgirl swag/goodies of your choice! You can also include any other package material from our online shop in your return shipment to us & we will recycle it for you.

Is your cardboard produced sustainably?

Yes, all of our cardboard is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. Additionally 50% of our cardboard is post-consumer waste and made from recycled materials.



What if I don’t like something about my delivery?

We want you to be smitten with all of our greens products, if you’re not simply call 844.849.8669 or email orders@iloveorganicgirl.com and we’ll make it right.

Can I return my products?

If there is an error with your shipment we can either provide a refund or re-ship your order. You do not need to return the items.

Can I cancel my delivery?

We take all orders until midnight on Tuesday, you have until the following Monday to cancel your order. If it has already shipped, please contact us if we can help in anyway with your delivery.