organic girl baby spring mix

product story

we carefully designed our spring mix to be the best tasting blend available.  this perfect blend of tender leaves offers a delicious mix of the best lettuces that are sweet – not bitter!

tasting notes

we blend a mix of 14 tender baby greens for just the right amount of pleasing sweetness, sans the bitter, tough, chicory greens in traditional spring mix blends.

available sizes

• 5 oz. 142 g
• 10 oz. 284 g
• 16 oz. 454 g

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key product ingredients

baby green romaine leaf
baby green romaine
baby green leaf
baby greenleaf
tango lettuce leaf
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product nutrition

USDA Organic
usda organic
Excellent Source of Vitamin K
excellent source of vitamin k
excellent source of vitamin C
excellent source of vitamin c
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