organicgirl grilled romaine heart caesar salad recipe

grilled romaine heart caesar salad recipe

grilling your romaine is a quick and easy way to add a nice smokey flavor to your caesar salad! top with our light and flavorful lemon caesar dressing!

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2 servings
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5 min to prep
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5 min to grill


⅓ cup organicgirl® lemon caesar dressing
2 organicgirl® hearts of romaine, halved lengthwise
Finely grated parmesan, to taste
Freshly ground black pepper to taste
Fresh lemon juice, to taste


place a lightly-oiled grill pan or outdoor grill over medium-high heat. spread dressing over romaine hearts to thoroughly coat. grill romaine, flipping once, until lightly charred on both sides.

arrange romaine on plates, sprinkle with parmesan and pepper, and squeeze a little lemon over top.

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