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you are what you eatTM

learn more about the organic ways we’re creating healthy soil and healthy plants for a healthy you!

rich soil, rich nutrients

the little things make a big difference

click the shovels to dig up the facts


we focus on including a rich variety of organic matter, all the way from microorganisms we can’t see, to flora and fauna.

happy mother earth

healthy soil naturally captures carbon, and potentially reduces greenhouse gasses. talk about a win-win for the environment.

soil amendments

to increase soil health and the success of the natural nutrient cycle, we add in organic substances as needed—like a multivitamin for soil!

right leaves
left leaves

planting organic protection

seasonal details that benefit future growth

taking turns

rotating crops promotes soil health—we all need a little vacation once in a while!

rotating also helps naturally decrease pests and disease without pesticides

and the best part: it brings us yummy greens

off-season growing

and a special thank you to cover crops, protecting our soil and taking care of business!

grasses like oats, wheat or rye are planted to help protect the soil

legumes are used to improve organic matter and capture nitrogen

brassicas (think mustards or broccoli) can be used to target soil borne diseases

strong by natureTM

the best greens for munching

if you can’t tell by now, we love good, clean greens. and we’re doing everything in our power to provide the best, healthiest greens for you to love too!

healthier soil provides a stronger nutrient cycle and better organic greens for you to enjoy.

healthy soil, healthy you!

right leaves
left leaves

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