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reuse recycle repeat


we know plastic isn’t always perfect, but it is currently the best way to keep greens fresh and protect them on their journey to your fridge – and no one likes soggy, smooshed greens, right?!
to put our smallest footprint forward, we made the choice to use #1 rPET, which is the highest quality and most accepted recycled plastic.

wonder where old plastic water bottles end up?
in our clamshells of course! every one of our clamshells is made from recycled plastic water bottles that usually end up in landfills.

we’re keeping the maintenance minimal.
rPET poses less issues than alternative materials, like biodegradable plastic.

#1 rPET is the highest quality, most widely accepted plastic
and can be repurposed into lots of cool new things… like more clamshells!

not sure how to recycle our products?
we have partnered with Earth911 to give you the tools to close the recycling gap. it’s super easy! just type in your zip code, pick your plastic, and let us help you prepare your plastic containers to give our globe the glow up it deserves.

the search for better packaging continues!

got any suggestions?
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from our consumers

have you visited repurpose plaza?

peruse away for great ideas
from fancy crafts to practical functionality
for our clamshells

romaine bags?

TerraCycle takes
hard-to-recycle bags
and transforms them
into cool, new stuff