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organicgirl’s guide to dressing and salad pairings

need advice selecting the perfect dressing for those greens?
think of us as your salad sommelier!

chips and salsa. pb and j. red wine and dark chocolate. oh yeah…the right pairing can be a classic match. that’s especially true of salad and dressing. some dressings perfectly complement their greens, and some just clash. tonight, grab your favorite organicgirl greens, and let this salad-to-dressing menu do the rest. it’ll be love at first taste.



lemon agave

baby spring mix

our lemon agave dressing is tart, just a little sweet, and the only vinaigrette that uses the whole lemon…zest, too! gives you that spunky (lemon oil) flavor without making your mouth all puckery. mingles saucily with organicgirl’s sweet and tender spring mix greens. need a quick marinade? think chicken, shrimp, flounder. it’s even nice on quinoa or rice!

lemon chicken quinoa bowl, lemon niçoise salad

tropical ginger


the sweet smell of pineapple and mango transport you right down under a palm tree. its spicy ginger kick, miso (for depth) and splash of fresh lime take you on an asian adventure. tropical ginger pairs perfectly with our 50/50! blend of spring greens and tender spinach, or the sweet pea leaves, baby spinach and kale of our PROTEIN GREENS. bon voyage!

coconut crusted chicken salad, thai noodle salad, tofu mango spring rolls

herb goddess

baby spring mix

say hello to savory, herby perfection: a taste trio of summery basil with hints of minty anise, earthy but bright parsley, and grassy-sweet green onion. add the silky creaminess of oh-so-tasty, nutrient-packed tahini. this versatile dressing can dance with both the light, mildness of baby spring mix greens or our turbo-charged (invincible) SUPERGREENS! mix of chard, choy, arugula and sweet spinach.

recipes: roasted broccoli soba bowl, green goddess salad

pomegranate balsamic


pomegranate makes this balsamic a little bit edgier than the typical grape variety. it’s lively, bright and tangy, with pom juice for depth, shallot, and just a touch of sweetness from dates – no empty calories here! this sultry mediterranean blend yearns for the versatility of our PROTEIN GREENS with their prized sweet pea leaves, baby spinach and kale. power to the pom!

recipes: cherry and prosciutto salad, pom balsamic chicken skewers

avocado cilantro


need a nacho fix, pronto? our avocado cilantro dressing instantly satisfies your guacamole cravings. creamy ripe avocado balanced with tart lime, notes of cilantro and the subtle heat of fresh jalapeno – spicy yet round. these bold flavors stand strong alongside our SUPERGREENS! mix of chard, choy, arugula and sweet spinach or our 50/50! blend of spring greens and tender spinach.

recipes:  mexican street corn salad, avocado cilantro gazpacho

white cheddar

butter, plus!

don’t let this one fool you with its fine-aged cheddar; it’s super flavorful, but still light and even refreshing. not dense at all. rounding it out are silky sour cream, tangy buttermilk, a little parmesan and added zing from lemon, garlic and cracked pepper. in need of some quick comfort? try it with our lovely red butter lettuce. that’ll soothe you.

  grilled cheddar and apple sandwich, roasted broccoli cheddar baby kale spring mix salad

bleu cheese

little gems

who doesn’t love the bleus? especially when they’re pungent, creamy and a little salty! this dressing is protein driven with bleu cheese, buttermilk, sour cream and real egg mayo. from there it pops with a vibrant medley of lemon juice, white vinegar, parsley and black pepper. a perfect complement to our popular, sweet and crunchy little gems. this bleu will make you happy!

recipes:  chili rubbed sweet potato wedges, roasted pear walnut and bleu cheese salad

lemon caesar

romaine heart leaves

think of this dressing as vintage caesar with a makeover. still plenty of everyone’s beloved parmesan (plus sharp white cheddar!) but here’s our big reveal: we replaced the anchovy with dijon, a hint of tamari and bright fresh lemon, making for a timeless pairing with our crisp romaine, but also grilled fish, sandwiches, crudité…the possibilities are endless! we’re psyched. et tu?

grilled romaine caesar salad, roasted salmon caesar salad

there’s a world beyond oil and vinegar. one filled with fresh, healthy, organic ingredients, and flavor profiles to excite any palate. so many meals, so many organicgirl dressings. may we suggest you try them all?