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greens grow up

call ‘em high maintenance, but organicgirl greens need time and attention. here are some factors that affect them before they make it out of the field.


day length (sunlight), extreme temps, rain, frost, wind. this is pretty self-explanatory: mother nature likes to remind us that SHE is in charge here!


greens get sluggish in the winter. (same, girl, same!) from seed to harvest, greens take twice as long to grow in winter vs. summer.

pea shoots
those sweet, curly tendrils you love!
spring mix, baby spinach, kale & bok choy
romaine, gem, butter lettuce


greens thrive in cool, mild conditions, but so do many other ewwww! things (bugs, mildew). so we move around in summer and winter to find optimal temps where greens thrive, but pests don’t survive.

did you know?

one seed will grow slower than hundreds of crowded seeds. it’s survival of the fittest in the competition for the sun. and that leads to greens that are taller, straighter, and grow faster. glow up!

to sum it up, we work with nature, we can’t control her. we’re not perfect, but we try our hardest to bring you the freshest organic greens that meet our (and your) premium standards.