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fo-real food filters

don’t worry. there’s a filter for that.

you asked for it and we listened! now you can filter recipes by dietary preferences, difficulty level, and seasonality of ingredients….because we all know that fresh is best.

easy vegan meals in a pinch. the perfect pescatarian plate for a dinner party. a steak salad for the whole family. build the perfect menu for any gathering with this easy-to-use guide that will quickly become your go-to. toggle a variety of drop down menus and filter out options to find your new favorite recipe.

at organicgirl, we’ve made it easier for you to cook with confidence! use the new diet filter to view recipes based on common allergens and ways of eating. click any of the icons below to explore!

no animal products
or by-products

high fat & protein, low carb;
no grains or legumes

no milk products or ingredients

no meat, seafood,
or poultry

no grains, legumes, dairy, or highly processed foods

30-day diet without dairy, legumes, grains, added sugar, or non-approved processed foods

vegetarian + fish
and seafood

does not contain
gluten proteins

no sugar except those that occur naturally, e.g., in fruit