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good clean greens

Ah, salad. Crisp, fresh, green, wholesome, tasty – when it's done right. At organicgirl, that means no synthetic pesticides, and it means growing and selecting only the very best quality produce.

We always wash our salad greens three times before we put them in a package. That's what "washed3" means on our label.

And speed to your store is one of our special obsessions. We're fanatics about freshness, and we want you to enjoy a fresh salad the day you buy one of our salads, and we want it to still be fresh the next day.

At organicgirl, we offer a full line of baby greens in our earth-friendly 100% recycled plastic clamshells, made from 100% recycled PET bottles (5 bottles per clamshell to be exact) that are fully recyclable. We think mother nature would approve.

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