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organicgirl SUPERGREENS! mango lassi


SUPERGREENS! mango lassi smoothie

make your taste buds dance with delight with this SUPERGREENS! mango lassi smoothie recipe! this tropical smoothie is perfect as a pick-me-up! this simple and delightful citrus smoothie is packed with citrusy fruits to give you a boost of vitamin c. and get all the greens you need by tossing in our super nutritious SUPERGREENS! who knew eating healthy could be this tasty?!

prep time: 10 minutes

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1 serving

1 cup of organicgirl© SUPERGREENS!
1/4 cup of frozen orange juice
1/4 cup of frozen mango
1 cup of coconut yogurt
1/4 cup of frozen pineapple


substitute with PROTEIN GREENS


1. combine ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth!

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