organicgirl orange turmeric clear greens water

product story

for hydration and replenishment, our orange turmeric clear greens water boasts 1 pound of greens + all 5 electrolytes. plus, no water is added to these bevvies and you get 10x the potassium of your sports drink (special extra immune boosting properties from turmeric and vitamin C too)!

tasting notes

polyphenol plant power! bright revitalizing citrus notes and touch of turmeric embodies a healthful glow to this clear greens water bevvy.

available sizes

•  12oz, 355mL


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key product ingredients

baby romaine leaf
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product nutrition

excellent source of vitamin C
excellent source of vitamin c
5 electrolytes
5 electrolytes
10x the potassium of sports drinks
10x potassium
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