product story

the hottest plant-based beverage this year, our new romaine-based, triple filtered, waters have been named the “best organic beverage” for 2018!* woot, woot! with a pound of dark leafy greens in every bottle, your body will thank you for this whole-foods-nutrition way of superior hydration. Our clear greens waters hydrate just as well as coconut water with all 5 electrolytes and 25% less sugar.

usage notes

super sweaty workouts like OrangeTheory Fitness, SoulCycle and Core Power Yoga inspired us to create a new double duty health beverage that both rehydrates and replenishes. your new bevvy BFF is great for:

• during and after work-out
• your first glass of “water” in the morning to set you off right
• a nutrition boost for your lunchtime meal
• rehydration after celebrating with your besties
• putting the spring back in your step if a headache or low energy’s got you down


available in 4 refreshing favors:
• Watermelon
• Orange Turmeric
• Cucumber Mint
• Cran-Raspberry

6 for $20.00


Sold Out!

*New Home Media, Nexty Award Winner for Best New Organic Beverage

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